A Side-by-Side, Feature-for-Feature Comparison of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central

A Side-by-Side, Feature-for-Feature Comparison of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central

By now, if you’re a Microsoft Dynamics GP user, you’ve seen a lot of discussion around its future, with many recommendations to move to a new, cloud-based ERP solution, and even more recommendations about which ERP solution to move to. While it is a fact that Microsoft is putting more energy into development of Dynamics 365 Business Central, the decision to migrate to something else or stay where you are, as well as determining the right time for a move from GP to BC, is one that only your organization can make because it depends on your circumstances. It might simply be that you’re not in the market for a new ERP yet, or you might be running into limitations with an on-premises application and are ready to make a move. Regardless, it’s important to be well informed.

However, understanding the important differences isn’t completely black and white. In many ways, GP and BC are similar, with features and functions that appear to be the same. But there are key differences. In 2021, we published Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central – a Comparison, an article that provided a high-level look at how the two products stack up against each other. However, a year is a very long time in the world of Dynamics development, and we’ve learned a lot more. In this blog, we provide a more detailed, feature-by-feature comparison that will help you with your technology planning.

Below is a key legend for the following GP to BC comparison table:

Blue checkIncluded in GP Starter Pack or BC Essentials
ISV (GP) or Extension (BC)
Orange 2 Included in GP Extended Pack or BC Premium

Dynamics GP Compared to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Preview PostingBlue checkBlue checkGP includes a separate edit list, vs. BC with preview posting. In addition, BC has the capability to post multiple GL dates in one GL entry as long as the entries balance for each date. Another added benefit is that BC has “Backgrown Error Check” which will show the lines that have issues.
Flexible Reporting Tools within the applicationBlue checkBlue checkGP uses Management Reporter (separate application) while BC includes ‘out-of-the-box’ report writing flexibility within the application.
Master Records ImportBlue checkGP – Integration manager is only included for 240 days after purchase date, otherwise there is an additional cost or other integration ISV needs to be purchased. With BC, configuration templates are part of the software and can be used to import at any time.
Electronic Bank ReconciliationBlue checkBlue checkBoth GP and BC include Electronic Bank Reconciliation out-of-the-box, with more robust offerings through ISV’s/Extensions.
Multi-dimensional accounting and analysisBlue checkBlue checkGP uses Analytical Accounting, which adds additional implementation hours, and needs to be added as a feature during setup in order to use. BC uses account Dimensions out of the box which provide for flexibility in tracking, reporting and analysis.
Purchasing and PayablesBlue checkBlue checkPurchase Orders, Purchase Invoices
Supply Chain Management
Orange 2
Blue checkBC has more robust applications of customer sales discounts, line item discounts, campaign pricing, Sales Return Order Management, and Bulk Invoicing from Microsoft Bookings; Extensive inventory management is included in BC as well as Supply Planning and Availability.
Warehouse ManagementBlue checkBC includes bins, bin setup, inventory picks and put-aways, warehouse receipt, shipment, internal picks and put-aways out-of-the-box.
SaaSBlue checkSaaS provides better security, 24/7 access from anywhere on any device, Lower IT costs, scalability, and easier upgrades.
PayrollBlue check
Advanced HR (GP) in GP Extended Pack; Multiple Payroll Extensions available in Extension Marketplace (BC). Payroll has become cumbersome to maintain; requires partner assistance to keep up.
Cash Flow ForecastsBlue checkBlue check
Both BC and GP allow for setting up multiple cash flow forecasts out of the box.
Scanning / Barcoding / Shipping IntegrationsBlue checkBarcode management is included in the System Application of BC. Shipping Integrations is easily done through a BC extension.
Power BI IntegrationBlue checkBlue checkAvailable for GP w/significant effort for integration; Out-of-the-Box Dashboards (Power BI Reports Embedded) for BC with little effort for integration.
Search FeatureBlue checkBlue checkThe Search Feature in BC allows for quick and easy access to pages, master records, reports and help items. Great Plains Web Client also has this feature as of the GP 2016 release.
Automatic Save FeatureBlue checkBC automatically saves content entered on a card or transaction window.
Microsoft (Office) 365 integrationBlue checkBlue checkBC has a more robust integration with Microsoft Office 365 – easier integration and easier to use, and is available from within BC.
CRMBlue checkIntegration with Dynamics CRM is not needed with BC as it has a built-in light Customer Relationship Management as part of the Essentials License.
Project ManagementOrange 2Blue checkProject Management in Business Central is included with the Essentials License. GP Extended Pack is required to utilize Project Accounting.
Field Service ManagementOrange 2Orange 2Both the GP Extended Pack and the BC Premium Licenses include Service Management.
ManufacturingOrange 2Orange 2Both the GP Extended Pack and the BC Premium Licenses include Manufacturing.
Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central Comparison Chart

Find more comprehensive release notes from Microsoft at What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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