New Features in LS Central 22.2

New Features in LS Central 22.2

LS Retail’s latest release of LS Central 22.2 contains new features and improvements in usability and functionality. New features have also been added to the Hospitality, Hotels, Pharmacy, and Staff Management modules.

Replenishment for BOM and Components

This new functionality in Automatic Replenishment calculates the demand for individual Bill of Material (BOM) items and then uses that to purchase and transfer the components. This process is common in hospitality but can also apply to other scenarios that use the concept of a BOM.

New Journal Types

To support the BOM and Component Replenishment calculations, the new release supports new journal types: The BOM Replenishment Journal and the Component Replenishment Journal. After calculating the demand for the BOM items (using the BOM Replenishment Journal), the system calculates the replenishment quantities of the components (using the Component Replenishment Journal).

Assembly Orders in Replenishment

The new BOM and Components process supports Make-to-Order (produced and sold on demand, like burgers in a quick-serve restaurant) and Make-to-Stock (produced in advance and stored in inventory, like cakes produced before being sold).

Integrated Weekly Menu Planner with Replenishment

A Replenishment Planned Event can be linked to a Weekly Menu Planner, allowing you to transform meals entered in the Weekly Menu Planner into Planned Sales Demand. The sales from Planned Sales Demand add to the demand from normal sales and the total is calculated in the BOM Replenishment Journal.

New in LS Central Modules

Hotels for LS Central

Modifications to occupancy-based pricing – Occupancy-based pricing in Hotels for LS Central now supports separate pricing for adults 1-5 rather than Adult1 and Adult2.

Pharmacy for LS Central

Credit Order to a different stock location – When a POS transaction with a Prescription Credit Order is posted in the Statement posting process, the Pharmacy module will perform an automatic inventory transfer to another location.

Staff Management

SaaS license check – The SaaS subscription license is checked when the roster is created.

Time batch registration – The Time Batch journal displays the employee name.

Previous releases in 2023

In case you missed them, previous releases this year included:

Customer orders on hold – Customer Orders can be put on hold; once picking starts, orders are automatically closed and are released when picking is completed or canceled.

Pricing discounts in Group reservations in Bookings – Discounts and prices are correctly applied according to the total number of persons and total quantity in the group.

Replenishment – Users can limit out of stock calculations for items and locations that are active for Replenishment. Users can also use the Replenishment Out of Stock Overview page to view out of stock situations based on various parameters, such as item category, product group, or location.

Hotels: Progress chart for Front Desk and Housekeeping – Users can view a graphical display that shows the progress of arrivals and departures.

Pharmacy: Substitution in dispense orders – Substitutions with a different strength unit are supported; prescriptions will show the correct remaining quantity.

See the full list of new features and fixed issues in LS Central 22.2.

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