Workflows for Accounting Processes in Business Central - NAV when Working from Home

Workflows for Accounting Processes in Business Central - NAV when Working from Home


With our current stay-at-home working environment, how can you optimize your daily tasks and help maintain safe and secure operations? This blog provides some workflow ideas to tackle the struggles you could be facing with daily business processes in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Dynamics NAV when working from home. 

Purchase Order Approval

Challenge: In the office, you would print off a Purchase Order for a team member to approve.


  • Save paper and avoid touching it by not printing off the Purchase Order.
  • Turn on Workflows for Purchase Orders. Purchasing or departments create a PO and then send for approval. The PO is reviewed and approved. Once approved, you have the authorization to send the PO to the vendor. 

Purchase Invoice Coding and Approval

Challenge: In the office, you would provide the vendor invoice to a co-worker for updating the purchase invoice with a signature and department coding for the expense.


  • Finance creates the purchase invoice or attaches it to the existing purchase order. NOTE: If you receive a mailed invoice, ask your vendor to send it to you electronically. The best practice for this is to have a general Accounts Payable mailbox so multiple people can log in and retrieve the invoices to process.
  • When the invoice is created, the workflow is kicked off to send for the update, and when the invoice is updated, it can be approved.

Payment Batches

Challenge: Review what is to be paid and approve payments in batches.


  • Create the payment journal
  • Send the payment batch via workflow for approval
  • The approver can change or adjust the batch as needed and then approve the batch
  • You cut the checks

Vendors Payments

Challenge: Keeping checks at someone’s home office and printing checks properly from a home printer


  • Set up ACHs to pay your vendors electronically, eliminating the need to print checks at home and mail them. This will save the cost of the check, envelope, and postage and reduce the exposure of having printed checks outside the office.

Checks from Customers Mailed to the Office

Challenge: Typically, checks from customers are mailed to the office


  • Provide your customers with information for sending money electronically into your bank account so you can process via ACH. This practice is time-tested and safe—common practice outside the U.S. for years. 

Working remotely presents many challenges and opportunities, but often, simply adjusting workflows can put concerns to rest. If you have questions about how to make these adjustments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central, contact ArcherPoint

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