Choosing a Partner for Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics Business Central

Choosing a Partner for Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics Business Central

Although Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) will be around for a while, it’s clear that Microsoft is putting emphasis on development of Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you’re a GP user, you’ve probably heard of many reasons why it’s time to move to another ERP, specifically Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, and the advantages of doing so. In fact, all the information coming your way might be confusing—and you probably wonder how much of it is true. The thought of a move from Dynamics GP to Business Central can be overwhelming.

That’s why we have been writing a series of blogs and related resources to provide you with answers to help you understand your options as how and when to make your decision—kicking the series off with 10 Things to Consider When Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central.

If and when you do look at making a move to Business Central (or any new ERP, for that matter), a very important component that should not be ignored or underestimated is selecting a partner. Why is this so important? Because ERP systems, regardless of brand, are complex. They need to be optimized for your business and industry, and that means you need a qualified partner to assist. The right partner can mean the difference between an implementation success or failure—or at the very least, a slower, more frustrating, more expensive experience.

This is doubly true when it comes to moving from GP to Business Central. The right Microsoft Dynamics partner will understand GP, BC, and the smartest path from one to the other. Here are some specific qualifications to look for in your partner.

Qualification #1: The Partner is Knowledgeable

When you are embarking on a plan to move from GP to any other ERP, your partner needs to understand five things:

  • GP;
  • The ERP you’re considering a move to;
  • The options for making the move;
  • The supporting technology, like cloud platforms; and
  • Your industry

Everyone in the partner company should demonstrate an understanding these areas. If you feel uneasy or don’t get the sense of confidence with every interaction, keep looking.

Qualification #2: The Partner Has a Proven Track Record with Migrations from GP and to Business Central

Make sure the partner has done GP-to-BC migrations before—successfully. Ask for references, and ask those customers questions about their experience. Also ask the partner if they have a sound methodology, and make sure they explain it and provide examples of how it has worked in the past.

Qualification #3: The Partner Has a Proven Track Record in Support and Upgrades for After Your Move from GP

Your partner should be qualified beyond the move from GP to BC. Make sure you find out about their qualifications around upgrading BC, asking the same questions as you asked around moving from GP. They need knowledge, experience, a proven track record, and a solid methodology to continue as your partner for years to come.

For example, ArcherPoint takes the worry out of upgrades with a continuous upgrade solution that keeps your business current. Our Get Current, Stay Current plans are the best way to stay current, access new features and functionality faster, and cut your upgrade costs by more than half with predictable fixed monthly fees. 

Learn more about ArcherPoint’s Get Current, Stay Current Plan.

Qualification #4: The Partner Listens to You

Your ERP partner should listen to you to make sure they understand your company, processes, and desired future state. Only then can they effectively advise you on the best migration strategy as well as options you should consider if you’re not yet ready to move off GP. If they start out with telling you how it “should” be done before asking you anything about your company other than budget, run.

Start With a Business Analysis for Process & Opportunity Improvement

Moving from an older ERP to a modern one presents excellent opportunities. Your business has undoubtedly changed since you implemented GP, so now is the perfect time to take a close look at how it operates to make sure you’re not automating outdated processes with your new ERP. Ask your partner to start with a business analysis. As experts who have extensive industry experience, analytical skills, and process improvement expertise — your partner can help you make valuable improvements to existing deployments and processes while identifying previously hidden opportunities to drive greater value from your ERP (and other IT) investment.

ArcherPoint takes a methodical, holistic approach to business analysis and enhancement because no two are the same. Our seasoned industry professionals learn and understand each your story, thoroughly analyze the “as-is” and “to be” business, and deliver a customized process and technology improvement plan highlighting key business processes, specific projects and implementation, or beneficial changes that that you can make.

Learn more about ArcherPoint’s Business Analysis and Process Improvement services

Talk to ArcherPoint About Moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics Business Central

At ArcherPoint, we believe that Business Central will fit the needs of most GP users better than any other mid-market ERP. But Business Central won’t be the optimal product for everyone. The best way to select a new ERP is to have a reputable partner evaluate your business needs and recommend the product that works best for you. We will do that for you and give you an honest recommendation, whether you use us or not. To learn more answers to your upgrade questions, download this free eBook, Moving from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralThen contact ArcherPoint to discuss your options, questions, and concerns. We’ll also give you a FREE Assessment to help you determine the right path for business.

ArcherPoint Free GP to BC Migration Assessment Offer

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