Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 453

Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 453

ArcherPoint’s Developer Digest focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV development. This week’s volume includes including synchronizing custom fields across BC and D365 Sales, breaking changes in AppSource, automating intercompany transactions, and extracting data from a tenant database.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central community comprises professionals devoted to advancing the success of their customers. Developers, project managers, and consultants collaborate to share helpful information across blogs, forums, and social media sites. From discovering new solutions to finding answers to complex issues, these dedicated individuals are constantly sharing their knowledge with others. At ArcherPoint, we recognize and appreciate this highly engaged community’s creativity, hard work, and collective intelligence. To ensure all users can benefit from their expertise, we want to share their wealth of information with everyone.

G/L with no dimension values

Question: Is it normal to have [G/L Entry].[Dimension Set ID] = 0 if no dimension codes have been set on a record?

Tom Hunt replied: GL Entry.Dimension Set ID = 0 is perfectly normal. But it would also be reasonable for a customer to have their G/L set up to require dimensions on everything. And if you’re only looking at a subset of G/L Entries (like for a specific set of accounts), then odds are good that the customer cares enough about those records to require dimensions on them.

Monitor Power Automate telemetry data with Azure Application Insights

Azure Application Insights helps you monitor live cloud applications and detect anomalies. Since Business Central SaaS often runs alongside Azure and Power Platform services, Azure Application Insights can provide centralized monitoring of all the cloud services in your solution.

Recently, Microsoft announced the public preview of integrating Power Automate flow telemetry data with an Azure Application Insights instance.

In a recent blog, Stefano Demiliani explains how to set up and monitor Power Automate telemetry with Azure Application Insights for advanced diagnostics of your automations, including dashboards, alerts, and analysis.

Using telemetry for Business Central deadlocks

Deadlocks occur in multi-user environments when two processes prevent each other from proceeding because each process has locked a database resource. When deadlocks occur in Business Central, Microsoft provides database deadlock telemetry informing you that deadlocks are happening and identifies the victims of the deadlocks.

In a recent blog, Waldo discusses using PowerBI to analyze deadlocks in Business Central. Read his blog, Analyzing Deadlocks in Business Central with Telemetry.

The new data structure for MSD365 Business Central and its impacts

Performance is always a hot topic for any ERP system, and the upcoming BC 23 release, (2023 Wave 2), is making strides in performance increases. Demiliani shares his performance tests and results in the upcoming release, measuring the impact of the new data structure. The bottom line: it is much faster!

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