Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 482

Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 482

ArcherPoint’s Developer Digest focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV development. This week’s volume includes using Copilot Chat and Copilot List Analysis, performance improvements in Business Central 2024 Wave 1, a look at what’s coming in Business Central 2024 Wave 2, and an interesting discussion on AI hallucinations.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central community, consisting of developers, project managers, and consultants, collaborates across various platforms to share valuable insights. At ArcherPoint, we greatly value their dedication and expertise. To ensure widespread access to this technical knowledge, we created Developer Digest.

Microsoft released its latest version of BC in April with Business Central 2024 Wave 1. This week, we will look at some of the new features in Business Central, some of Copilot’s new capabilities, and what we can expect next.

Using Copilot Chat and Copilot List Analysis

Roberto Stefanetti focuses on two Copilot features in 2024 Wave 1: Copilot Chat and Analyze List.

Copilot Chat makes it easy for users to ask Copilot about Business Central processes, look up answers, and learn how to perform tasks. For example, users might ask Copilot, “Which orders are ready to ship?” or ask it to explain a process, like “How do I create a warehouse shipment?”

Copilot’s Analyze List feature lets users ask Copilot to analyze data from Business Central list pages using natural language prompts.

Read Roberto’s blog, Business Central 24 Wave1 – Copilot Chat & Analyze List, to learn more.

Performance improvements in Business Central 2024 Wave 1

Duilio Tacconi gives his top five enhancements that help make this release of Business Central the fastest ever, starting with Faster OData Loading. On-premises and SaaS users will benefit by reducing the number of unnecessary SQL queries.

Another enhancement on the list is Per-User (as opposed to Per-Tenant) Queues for Incoming Web Service Requests. This feature provides higher throughput and ensures that one user cannot block other web service calls.

Read Duilio’s Dynamics 365 Business Central 2024 Wave 1. What’s New in Performance blog to learn more.

Looking ahead (already) to 2024 Wave 2

Last month’s Directions showed us a preview of Microsoft’s investment areas for Business Central 2024 Wave 2. Many focused on expanding Business Central’s capabilities in Finance, Supply Chain, Reporting, and Generative AI.

Stefano Demiliani offers his thoughts on where Microsoft should focus its priorities for the upcoming release: “Large corporates don’t want fancy features… they want to be fast! They want to be able to process a large amount of work in a reliable and fast way. They want a platform able to scale accordingly to their workloads.”

To that point, Demilani points to another area of investment announced by Microsoft that will affect Business Central fundamentals, including performance, scalability, reliability, and high availability.

Read Demilani’s Dynamics 365 Business Central 2024 Wave 2 release plans: “as is” and “to be” to learn more about the specific areas he feels deserve Microsoft’s attention.

AI fact or fiction?

Kyle Hardin shared an interesting article by Sascha Brodsky at Freethink.com on hallucinations in AI. Hallucinations occur when AI fabricates a response that has no basis in reality.

Brodsky points out that while hallucinations are bad when AI is applied to issues like medical diagnosis or financial advice, they are integral to AI’s more creative applications, such as art, music, and writing. In these creative applications, hallucinations are equivalent to a brainstorming session, capable of envisioning innovative solutions by thinking outside the bounds of “reality.”

Read the article, Can we stop AI hallucinations? And do we even want to?


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