Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 484

Dynamics Business Central / NAV Developer Digest - Vol. 484

ArcherPoint’s Developer Digest focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV development. This week’s volume includes how to control inventory costs, the rise of AI at work, the “this” keyword in AL, and learning about Business Central interfaces.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central community, consisting of developers, project managers, and consultants, collaborates across various platforms to share valuable insights. At ArcherPoint, we greatly value their dedication and expertise. To ensure widespread access to this technical knowledge, we created Developer Digest.

Controlling inventory costs

The new Inventory Cost Adjustment functionality in Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 lets you maintain accurate inventory costs. Saurav Dhyani shows how this new feature can use flexible cost adjustment methods for different business scenarios and the impact these adjustments have on your inventory valuation.

Watch his video, Introducing: Inventory Cost Adjustment Tool in Business Central.

The rise of AI at work

Generative AI has taken center stage in many businesses for good reasons.

According to the recent 2024 Work Trend report on the state of AI at Work, sponsored by Microsoft and LinkedIn, companies are looking for talent, and those with AI skills will have the upper hand in securing those positions. In addition, AI power users are leveraging it to make their jobs more manageable. Plus, Microsoft is introducing new features in Copilot for Microsoft 365 to make it easier to get started and be productive.

this is new

The keyword this is used in object-oriented programming to identify members of the class that is currently running. AL v14 (Business Central 2024 Wave 2) introduces the this keyword for AL. One of the main benefits is that it will let codeunits pass a reference to this as an argument to another method.

Find out more by reading Stefano Demiliani’s blog, Dynamics 365 Business Central: “this” is a nice AL addition.

Learning about Business Central interfaces

Kyle Hardin writes:

I’ve been teaching myself about the new Pricing functionality (jealous, much?) over the past two weeks, which has forced me to also learn about interfaces. Pretty freakin’ cool! You can actually replace large swaths of code as long as your code adheres to the same interface definition, which seems cleaner and easier to understand than a million event subscriptions.

It wouldn’t surprise me if, at some future point, Microsoft starts requiring an interface for all APIs rather than codeunits.


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