Highlights from Nadella's Inspire 2019 Keynote: Connecting Physical and Virtual Worlds

Highlights from Nadella's Inspire 2019 Keynote: Connecting Physical and Virtual Worlds

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivered a keynote at the 2019 Inspire conference that was indeed inspiring to partners, but what about you? This 3-part blog series boils down what he shared and discusses what it means to companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV. 

A Challenging Technical Landscape, Part 1 of the series, discusses the amount of data being produced today and how quickly it’s growing, as well as the fact that your ERP system is one of the applications producing huge amounts of data. But there are many other applications typically used by businesses that contribute to that glut of data.

Part 2, Connecting the Entire Enterprise, discusses how to pull all that data together to connect the enterprise using Microsoft’s Power Platform. Power Platform and Dynamics 365 create the connected business cloud, which enables a connected business.

In this last post from the Microsoft Inspire 2019 partner conference, we’re talking about new features that are moving companies forward with productivity and allowing them to use mixed reality to accomplish more.

The Mixed Reality Cloud

HoloLens 2 is out, and according to Nadella,  is “an absolute breakthrough with twice the field of view, twice the comfort, and applications already built right within Dynamics 365…” Applications like layout guides, remote assistance, and product visualizer—along with third-party applications available for every industry—can take advantage of mixed reality.

There is also a new service in Azure called Azure spatial anchors. These anchors, with a device like the HoloLens 2 and any phone with an augmented reality framework can come together to power the next generation of mixed reality apps. One retailer has a brick and mortar store with a very small footprint, especially for a furniture store. Utilized these spatial anchors, it became a mixed reality store, where customers can walk in, put on a HoloLens, and have access to an infinite catalog. It allows them to build their space with the furniture items they like, decide how their furniture will be assembled, then—and here’s the kicker—take the space they’ve “built” home using their phone…all thanks to Azure spatial anchors. Customers can also bring their home into the store because they’re not bound by space anymore. The move to mixed reality retailing has resulted in a 30% increase in sales.

The Hub for Teamwork: Teams

The breakout tool of late is Microsoft Teams. A vast improvement over Skype for Business, Teams has shown tremendous potential with extended features, including:

  • Chat
  • Meetings
  • Collaboration using Office tools
  • Business processes
  • Workflow
  • Project and task tracking

PowerPoint and the Presenter Coach

PowerPoint will now have a Presenter Coach that can provide valuable insights into your presentation delivery. Coach provides real-time feedback that includes language that might be culturally offensive, identifying when you are using filler words, monitoring your timing (slow down or speed up), and even pointing out when you are too dependent on the slide content (reading exactly what is on the slide). In addition to real-time feedback, you get a report at the end so you can focus on the areas that need improvement.

There are many other examples of productivity enhancements and how companies are able to use Microsoft technologies to do business smarter. You can view Satya Nadella’s Inspire 2019 Core Note in its entirety for the entire message and some inspiring examples of this technology at work.

Read Part 1, A Challenging Technical Landscape.

Read Part 2, Connecting the Entire Enterprise.

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