Transform Your Business with Microsoft Copilot Studio

Transform Your Business with Microsoft Copilot Studio

Microsoft is expanding its Copilot capabilities with Copilot Studio, which was announced last year at Ignite 2023. Copilot Studio lets businesses develop their own copilots as standalone applications using a low-code graphical interface.

Copilot leverages generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accept natural language prompts and produce responses that emulate how a human would react. Generative AI summarizes large amounts of information using a Large Language Model (LLM). From this LLM, generative AI can understand prompts in various contexts and generate responses appropriate to the context that emulates how a human would react. These responses can be in the form of text, images, code, music, and more.

Copilot Studio was built leveraging Microsoft’s Power Platform technologies and integrates with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Studio, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Bot Service, and other Microsoft AI technologies. Copilot Studio comes with over 1,000 prebuilt integrations to business applications, including Microsoft’s productivity suite (Word, Excel, Teams, etc.), Microsoft’s Dynamics suite (Sales, Marketing, Power Platform, Business Central, etc.), and even non-Microsoft applications like SAP, Workday, and ServiceNow. Users can load their own data from various data sources, such as SharePoint, CRM, and external cloud sites, to build the LLMs used by Copilot Studio. This data is stored securely in the cloud to avoid the possibility of data leakage.

In his blog announcing Copilot Studio, Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President, Modern Work & Business Applications, wrote, “Copilot Studio offers several advanced features to enhance responses using generative AI, including responses over refined datasets, dynamically chained plugins, generative answers, prompt building, and prompt customization…And when you need to connect a data source that doesn’t have a prebuilt connector, no problem—it’s easy to build your own.”

What can Copilot Studio do for you?

Below are just some of the many ways companies of all sizes can start using Copilot Studio to help improve accuracy, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Automated attendants – Companies can build 24/7 automated attendant copilots using their company’s documentation to answer internal and external support questions. For instance, you can create a copilot that provides your customers answers for troubleshooting your products. As another example, you can set up an internal portal for employees to submit timesheets and leave requests, inquire about company benefits, or access the company’s policy and procedures.

Business process automation – Companies can create copilots to automate manual or repetitive jobs, reducing errors and increasing employee productivity. Examples of applications include:

  • Provide summaries of relevant emails, reports, Teams meeting transcripts, and miscellaneous shared files pertaining to a client, product, or other subject. These summaries can be used to identify and address issues quickly without locating all the sources and extracting the information by hand.
  • Automate processes such as timesheet approval or leave requests.
  • Process form submissions from your website, notify the appropriate personnel about the form submittal, and save the information to CRM.

Marketing segmentation – Copilot can help you segment your CRM database and other internal and external data sources to identify high-profit and highly motivated leads and prospects. Discover trends and use predictive analytics to forecast future demand.

Targeted messaging – Use Copilot to help you craft the right message for your audience. Copilot can help optimize your marketing messages, customize your nurture campaigns, and craft attention-grabbing social posts and calls to action.

Data extraction, analysis, and reporting – From financial forecasts to potential supply chain disruptions to trending sales, Copilot can help you pull data from multiple sources, perform complex analyses, and prepare reports to help your management team make informed tactical and strategic decisions.

Respond to RFPs – Copilot can help your sales team gather essential information to respond to proposal requests quickly and efficiently.

And moreCopilot can be used in many other scenarios to improve the efficiency of business operations, including inventory management, financial reporting, product recommendations, and pricing strategies, to name a few.

Find out what all the buzz is about

Contact ArcherPoint to learn how Copilot Studio can help your business move forward with AI-powered insights.

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