Microsoft Dynamics NAV Custom Help: The Benefits and Limitations

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Custom Help: The Benefits and Limitations


I often receive custom help requests from Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a Help Database that is designed to assist with user questions. If you would like to learn more about the NAV Help Database, read Help Please! – Resources for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, the Help Database does not always provide the customer with enough specific information. At ArcherPoint, we provide custom help that is tailored to the customer’s specific needs, which further supplements the Dynamics NAV Help Database and helps you run your business better.

As you analyze the topic of Help, you might wonder what it really is. Help is an ambiguous word with many meanings. I define it as a tool to further explain a topic or area you are currently working on that you do not fully understand. When I think of custom help in the consulting world, I think of how it can benefit and/or limit your company. I have put together lists of customer benefits and limitations of using custom help in Dynamics NAV.


  • Documentation for a custom solution – When you have a custom change to NAV that requires programming and adds new functionality or changes functionality.
  • Business process documentation – Outlines your business processes throughout your company, step by step.
  • User Training
  • Real time support for users
  • Quick support
  • Multi Language help files (English is default)
  • Building text or linking to external files


  • Out of date Help – Which can lead you down the wrong path.
  • Business process change – If the Help is not updated to stay in step with your business process changes, it cannot be of assistance.
  • Help is not user friendly – So, in turn, it is not useful.

Now that you have gotten a basic overview of the benefits and limitations of custom help, you can determine if you should take the next steps in getting it for your company. If you would like to learn more about getting thorough custom help for your company that will meet your needs and provide only benefits, not limitations, contact ArcherPoint.

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