Our Top Blog Posts of 2014!

Our Top Blog Posts of 2014!

As 2014 comes to close, we’re looking back at our top blog posts. Which ones made the cut? The ones read the most by our wonderful blog community members such as you! Take a look at the top posts for 2014 and get ready for the New Year which will be filled with more blogs, especially around NAV 2015.

How to Determine Who Has a Table Locked in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Kyle Hardin

I recently fielded a support call from a frantic customer that went something like this: “Help! Nobody can post anything! All we get is a message that Item Ledger Entry is locked by another user! AAAAAAHHH!!!”

If this sounds anything like you, you’ll want to keep reading this blog.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Error – Unable to Verify Table Changes

Faithie Robertson

In NAV 2013 R2, Microsoft has introduced multi-tenancy. That means that a corporation that has many companies can split their database into many databases with one set of applications in an application database. The difference allows them a little more flexibility in backing up the databases and other maintenance procedures so that, for example, a world-wide corporation no longer has to take down a certain company during work hours to back up the database for the corporation as a whole. Additionally, completely unrelated companies can operate in a hosted environment with no customizations. But, this also brings changes in how we all (including single-tenant corporations) use NAV.

Learn about the change and how you can work with it!

Printing Barcodes to an RTC Report

Michael Heydasch

I was recently challenged to print a barcode on an RTC report. In the past, I have found barcode fonts rendered perfectly on NAV Classic reports. Those same barcode fonts would not render on the RTC report I was creating.

Are you running into the same problem? Check out the solution!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 RDLC Reporting RBC Attacks: Part 2 of 10

Faithie Robertson

In an effort to conquer and banish those dreaded RDLC Brain Cramp (a.k.a. RBC) pains in my head from working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 RDLC reports, I have first decided not to beat my head against the wall when I can’t resolve the report issue. That has helped.

Secondly, I have found solutions to some of the more common issues with RDLC reports, and I’d like to share those with my fellow sufferers.

Learn how to avoid these brain cramps.

The Effects of Inventory Setup in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NAV Insights

I am often asked questions on the effects of Inventory Setup in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The two most common questions are:

1) How do the settings affect system performance?

2) How do the settings affect what is posted to the General Ledger and when?

This blog discusses these questions in the context of Automatic Cost Posting, Expected Cost Posting to G/L, and Automatic Cost Adjustment in Dynamics NAV.

Spicing Up Your NAV 2013 Pages

Faithie Robertson

NAV 2013 offers some fabulous ways to spice up your pages. Keep reading this blog to learn about:

  • Using Style as a Visual Signal
  • Handling Not-Always-Needed Fields
  • Additional Fields
  • Add a List Part – Not an Action
  • Use Grids on Pages to Define Sets of Related Data Fields
  • Action Icons

Also included in this popular blog post, is a delicious chili recipe. Check it out.

Revaluing Inventory with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Revaluation Journal

NAV Insights

There are times when it becomes necessary for a company to revalue inventory. This blog entry explains how to revalue inventory using the Revaluation Journal in Dynamics NAV.

NOTE: Because Standard Cost is handled differently, this blog deals only with the costing methods of FIFO, LIFO, Average, and Specific.

There are typically two scenarios regarding inventory revaluing. 

Read about the two scenarios you will encounter and how to handle them.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 RDLC Reporting RBC Attacks: Part 3 of 10

Faithie Robertson

Now, if your question today is related to slow running NAV 2013 RDLC reports, we may have the answers for you! But, if all your reports are running slowly in NAV, then chances are your solution will be different than if only one report (or a few) are running slowly. If all reports are running slowly, perhaps it’s time to add new server instances for client connections? Or maybe it’s not just reports, and your connection to the database is the problem with overall performance (requiring a different question, as well). These issues aren’t what we’re going to discuss in this blog.

We’re looking at a different question, which is, “What can I do to speed up the processing of one slow NAV 2013 report?” The answer is simple. To run fast, you have to be lean and mean!

Learn how you can become lean and mean to make fast reports!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Scalability: NAV 2009 Classic vs NAV 2013 RTC

Matt Traxinger

Table locked by another user? Sluggish performance? These are just a couple of issues that often make customers think that they have outgrown their Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. After all, that’s the marketing message: Dynamics NAV is for small to medium sized businesses, so it obviously can’t support a large number of users or high transaction volume. I’m here to tell you that’s not always the case.

Keep reading about Dynamics NAV’s scalability.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery

Tom Hunt

Sometimes, you’ll open up a report in Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, and you’ll try to open the report layout in Visual Studio, and you’ll get a message saying “An error occurred when opening the report designer. A supported version of Visual Studio could not be found.” 

Find out the solution to this mysterious mystery!

Thank you to all of our dedicated blog readers. As you can see 2014 has been a wonderful year focused on blogs about NAV 2013 and 2013 R2. As we make our way into the New Year be sure to be on the lookout for all of our blog posts about NAV 2015 and more. We hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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