Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central: Upgrades Are Complicated. Why Should We Do It?

Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central: Upgrades Are Complicated. Why Should We Do It?

At ArcherPoint, we have always loved Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but we are so excited about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that we strongly advice NAV users to move to Business Central as soon as they can. But the move can feel overwhelming—spurring a lot of questions.

In this blog series, we answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers about moving from NAV to Business Central so you can make an intelligent decision regarding when, why, and how you should upgrade.

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Question #9 – Upgrades are Complicated. Why Should We Upgrade?

We understand everyone has concerns about upgrading. While we can’t argue that it comes with a cost and takes some work, there are many concerns that are simply unfounded. Let’s clear those up:

Our NAV database is too customized. There is no such thing as “too customized.” All customizations need to be Evented. Because of our automated processes, upgrading your customizations is relatively easy for ArcherPoint. Be sure to look for a partner with tools and processes that streamline the experience.

Our NAV database is too large. The size of your database will impact how we approach your upgrade, but there is no such thing as “too big.” At ArcherPoint, we have upgraded databases of over 2 terabytes; in fact, we reduced a 56-day data migration to approximately 2 hours.

Our version of NAV is too old to upgrade. No version of NAV or Navision is too old to upgrade. ArcherPoint (or a qualified upgrade partner) will create a personalized upgrade plan to address the unique characteristics of your current version. That said, if you wait, the cost of upgrading increases.

Any NAV developer can do upgrades. Upgrades are different from other development projects in nearly every way. The requirements, methodology, tools, and the professionals who plan and execute them should be suited to the singular goal of your successful upgrade.

The Key to Upgrade Success: A Qualified Partner

Ultimately, the success of an upgrade depends on the partner you choose. It is a collaborative relationship, with both parties working together towards the goal of a smooth transition. What sets ArcherPoint apart is our understanding that upgrading NAV is not the same as any other development task in NAV; upgrading requires specific skills and tools. Our upgrade team has those skills and tools, as well as years of upgrade experience.

Also, look for a partner with a plan that helps you with the financial burden of staying up to speed. With the ArcherPoint Get Current, Stay Current Plan, you greatly reduce the risk and disruption of future upgrades, regardless of how much your business changes or grows. The future might be unknown, but the Plan removes the risk.

To learn more answers to your upgrade questions, download this free eBook: Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central: Everything You Always Wanted to Know…but Didn’t Know to Ask.

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