ArcherPoint Dynamics NAV Developer Digest volume 200: A Special Edition

ArcherPoint Dynamics NAV Developer Digest volume 200: A Special Edition

A Brief History of ArcherPoint’s Developer Digest

Back in 2014, ArcherPoint’s Developer Digest was born out of “necessity.” Our marketing team had determined that our cadence for posting blogs would be three per week. With our subject matter experts busy on client projects, our small marketing team, ended up picking up the slack and each person was tasked with writing one blog per week until our product people had the opportunity to contribute to our blogs. At the same time as this new edict was decided upon, our web developer, who was a key member of the marketing team, was becoming increasingly interested in the internal conversations on Yammer. He was impressed with the comradery, support, and helpful tips everyone was providing to each other. He quickly realized these internal conversations could potentially help all sorts of developers, not just those at ArcherPoint. He understood the Yammer conversations could not only provide interesting blog fodder on a regular basis, but would also support our core values. Especially “Building an enduring tribe distinguished by collaboration and always putting the good of the community, clients, and colleagues above self-interest and our third, Learning and always challenging ourselves to build a better business and helping our clients do the same.” Hence, the ArcherPoint Developer Digest began.

Over the years, we have gotten feedback from the community on the helpfulness of our blogs. One of our favorite comments, ““I have it on my calendar every Friday morning to go to the ArcherPoint website read the Dev Digest blog.” This from a Microsoft MVP – you know who you are, and we appreciate you!

The Top Read Dev Digest Posts

To celebrate this milestone of 200 Developer Digest posts, we’ve compiled our most read since the first:

  1. Developer Digest volume 70: Handling C/AL error, reducing upgrade times, installing NAV 2016 overwrites the NAV  2015 Admin tool.
  2. Developer Digest volume 96: NAV Extensions, a bug in NAV 2016 CU 7, and managing multiple Dynamics NAV versions.
  3. Developer Digest volume 86: The user experience umbrella.
  4. Developer Digest volume 62: Keyboard shortcuts and reporting tips.
  5. Developer Digest volume 149: Changing the MetadataProviderCacheSize setting, upgrade or you’re fired, install MICR fonts, and an easy way to import NAV PowerShell modules.
  6. Developer Digest volume 162: Announcing Dynamics NAV 2018, a throwback to Navision Financials, and modifying a drop-down field in Dynamics NAV RTC.
  7. Developer Digest volume 80: Accessing the web client from a Mac, NAV 2016 database changes, and bin counts not matching the ILE count.
  8. Developer Digest volume 88: Killing idle sessions in Dynamics NAV, cXML, and a development tip FOREACH.
  9. Developer Digest volume 64: Dynamics NAV reporting, .NET SQL calls and NAV errors, and how to handle a severe stress episode.
  10. Developer Digest volume 54: Creating new companies in NAV, upgrading articles, and how to set a green tint in Windows.

We trust you’ve grown and learned as much as we have over the years with our developer digest blog. We hope you continue to learn and look forward to each new post. Enjoy!

If you are interested in NAV development, be sure to see our collection of NAV Development Blogs.

Read the “How To” blogs from ArcherPoint for practical advice on using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and contact ArcherPoint if you need assistance with Dynamics NAV.

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