Habits of Amazing People: Look Past the Honeymoon

Habits of Amazing People: Look Past the Honeymoon

“Make sure people who count on you continue to have their expectations met – not just today but tomorrow, too.”

The need for feedback has been covered, but let’s continue the discussion. This is one of those habits that you read and automatically think, “I do not treat a customer differently after they have been with us for a while; I give them the same excellent service as when they started.” But is this true? Probably not.

This is the pitfall that occurs when we become more familiar with a customer. We know them and take advantage of what we know. For example, you owe Customer #1 a call, but you’re dealing with an unhappy Customer #2. You have a good relationship with Customer #1, so you decide to make them wait. Our customers should get the same excellent service all the time, and just because we “know” them does not mean we should stop looking for ways to improve. One way to do this is to ask for feedback, and a long-standing customer is often one that can give you the best feedback.

The take-away from this habit is to make sure you do not stop asking for customer feedback, no matter how long they have been with your company. We all know we take a little extra time to show new customers attention, but when they become more familiar this extra one-on-one attention can fade over time.

Instead, why not take a little time to ask them if they can suggest ways for you to improve on your service? Having a long term customer means they know your business model. They know if you have declined in the type of service you are offering because they are no longer shiny and new. Take the time to find ways to make sure long-term customers are still getting the excellent service they received when they first started doing business with you.

A long-term customer is the best customer for true feedback. They have had good and bad experiences with you and can tell you where you need to improve. Take advantage of this when and where you can.

How can you ensure you’re getting feedback from your customers, no matter how long they’ve been with you? Share your thoughts with us and with your company; then call us to see how our customer service offerings can help.

In Be Amazing or Go Home, Shep Hyken discusses habits of “Amazing People.” Read about the habits we’ve reviewed so far:

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