The Habits of Amazing People: It’s Your Responsibility to Resolve the Issue … Regardless of Who is at Fault

The Habits of Amazing People:  It’s Your Responsibility to Resolve the Issue … Regardless of Who is at Fault

“Step up when things go wrong. It may not be your fault, but it is your opportunity to amaze.”

You might be seeing a theme throughout the topic of taking responsibility. You should be familiar with it from your daily work with customers. This habit is all about making sure the customer is taken care of. If you are in customer service, you are the face of a company. Customers communicate with and through you more than anyone else in the company. You are the person they call when they have an issue, and they not only want you to be on your best game, but they NEED you to be. Taking care of an issue, solving the problem no matter who is at fault, is critical for this amazing support to happen. In Shep Hyken’s Be Amazing or Go Home, he makes a point of this because, if you unknowingly give a customer inaccurate advice, you would not want the next employee in line to say, “I can’t help you. Crystal caused that issue, so you have to wait for her to get back.”

This is customer service at its worst. Your job is to help the customer in any way that moves them forward to resolve their issue. You see, while it’s not your fault, it IS now YOUR issue to resolve. Now, I am not saying you can resolve every issue every time. There are instances where it is acceptable to say, “…let’s get an expert in here to make sure we do not create any additional problems.” The key to remember here is to make sure they have your direct number. That way, if they get stuck in any part of the process, they can get in touch with you to help them move forward again as needed.

You will have issues that challenge you in every way imaginable. You will be calling everyone you know and trying to find the best path to find a resolution. This is fine; but just make sure you are keeping the customer apprised of the situation. Let them know you are working on their challenge with the best possible resources. The key to ownership in this process is to make sure the customer understands the best support you can provide is not always fast support, but that you will be there to help them through the process.

When you have accountability when working with a customer to fix an issue, you build a loyal and confident relationship with them. I know I have said this before, but a customer does not care who is responsible for their issue; they simply want the issue resolved. Our ability to help them resolve their problems is why we are here, no matter what the origin or who was involved prior. Building this confidence and credibility with customers allows you to create the long-term, loyal relationships that keep your organization moving forward.

Are you prepared to commit and stay committed to a customer’s issue until it’s resolved, no matter how or where it started? Share your thoughts with your organization and with us; then contact ArcherPoint to learn how our customer service offerings can help you.

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