Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central: If We're Going to Have to Upgrade Anyway, Why Not Look at Other ERP Options?

Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central: If We're Going to Have to Upgrade Anyway, Why Not Look at Other ERP Options?

At ArcherPoint, we have always been big fans of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but we are really excited about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central…so excited, in fact, that we recommend our NAV clients start planning for a move to Business Central as soon as possible. But upgrading is not something most companies look forward to – and moving from NAV to Business Central can seem even more overwhelming. There certainly are a lot of questions out there.

In this blog series, we answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about moving from NAV to Business Central.  The goal is to inform you so you can make an intelligent decision about when, why, and how you should upgrade.

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Question #10: If We’re Going to Have to Upgrade When We Move to Business Central, Should We Look at Other ERP Options?

So, here’s a good question that we would ask if we were end users. Since we’re going to have to go through an upgrade to move to Business Central, should we take a look at what other ERP solutions have to offer? After all, this would be the perfect time to consider what else is out there, right?

That’s a smart question. It’s always wise to consider your options, especially if you’re facing a major upgrade by moving from NAV to Business Central, you might be considering another ERP system altogether. We think Business Central is definitely the way to go, and here’s why. With more than 150,000 organizations and 2.5+ million users, Business Central already has one of the largest installed user bases of any ERP system in the world. If you’re already a fan of NAV or use other Microsoft products like Office, it makes sense to go with Business Central because of the seamless integration. When evaluating ERP systems, here are some important questions to consider.

ERP has changed dramatically. As a result, the questions you ask need to change. With the advent of the cloud, ERP is not so much an application as it is a business platform. Today’s cloud-based ERP not only supports your business processes across the organization, but it also adapts and grows as you do and gives you access to data so you can use it to make strategic decisions.

Here are some questions you should ask when considering an ERP purchase:

  1. Does it have interoperability with our existing applications?
  2. Does it allow us to connect with any application or system so we can digitally transform our entire organization?
  3. Does it have a marketplace like AppSource that offers solutions for my industry-specific and business-specific needs?
  4. Are there tools like PowerApps and Flow that allow us to customize it ourselves, without requiring a developer?
  5. Does it come with a reporting/analysis tool like Power BI that lets you tap into the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (you might not think you need it now, but you will at some point)?
  6. Is the ERP backed by a company that has the resources, people, and certifications to house and protect your data?

If you go with Business Central—and we recommend that you do—be sure to find a partner with a plan that can ease the burden of keeping your systems and processes updated. With the ArcherPoint Stay Current Plan, you never worry about upgrades again, regardless of how much your business changes or grows. The future might still be up in the air, but ArcherPoint’s Plan removes the risk. Find out more about the ArcherPoint Stay Current Plan, or contact us to learn more.

To learn more answers to your upgrade questions, download this free eBook: Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central: Everything You Always Wanted to Know…but Didn’t Know to Ask.

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