The Habits of Amazing People: Deliver More Than Expected by Going the Extra Mile

The Habits of Amazing People: Deliver More Than Expected by Going the Extra Mile

Amazing people have many habits in common. A book by Shep Hyken, Be Amazing or Go Home, discusses these habits.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile

Stop and think about that statement. What is “the extra mile”? When I read this chapter the first time, my mind automatically went to those grand gestures designed to keep customers happy. Go Big or Go Home. If you are like me, then when you stop and read that again, you realize this step is not only about big gestures–it’s about both little and big things that show the customer they matter.

Recognizing an opportunity for improvement and running with it is part of going the extra mile. Taking five more minutes on a phone call to make sure the customer fully understands the solution. Calling a customer back the day after you have provided a solution to make sure it worked. How many times have you had a call with a customer and showed them a process, knowing at the end of the call that they didn’t quite get it, even though they told you they did?

I am going to bet most of us have had this experience. This is where you have an opportunity to go the extra mile. Set a reminder to call that person back later that afternoon or the following day. You might end up spending another 30 minutes showing them the process, or you might have to make another couple of calls, but these little touches let the client know they matter. By recognizing an opportunity and making even a small effort to follow through and close the loop gives you the chance to create a truly extraordinary customer service experience.

I know that, at times, it is easier to keep your head down and just get it done. But we all need to remember that the customer is the reason we are doing what we’re doing, so we need to make sure they NEVER feel like they are an inconvenience or a strain on your time. Take a deep breath and focus on the now.

Provide them the exceptional service they have come to expect with no strings attached. If you need a minute to gather yourself, ask them about their family or something to allow you to come into the now mentally. Being present and aware of your customer to provide them the service they need is critical to going the extra mile.

My big take away from this chapter was going the extra mile does not necessarily require a grand gesture; even the smallest can create an amazing experience for the customer. Take just a few minutes to check back with them to make sure an update worked as expected. Call them back to follow up on their training, giving them an opportunity to ask questions or clarify something if needed.

Make sure the fix you provided is working. And when you do, call them by name–pronounced correctly!–to show them you were paying attention, that they are a person and not just a task. Taking just a little bit of time to go the extra mile can create a happy, loyal customer, which is invaluable in so many ways.

What are you doing to go the extra mile? Where can you start? Share your thoughts with your team and with us; then contact ArcherPoint to learn how our customer service offerings can help you.

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